Our process

It all starts with an idea.

This idea could either be ours, based on what we believe would be a nice and challenging product, or it could be something you have in mind—a personal project, a digital product your company wants to launch, or a concept. You name it.

Then, we shape its form and function.

We understand the problem and begin solving it from scratch through requirements, design, and technology. It's all about the craft. We enjoy getting our hands dirty. That's what we do.

So, we have the result—polished and Ready for Production.

Following the process, we build our website and brand, write cool stuff in our blog, and prepare many other things. It is just the beginning of our journey.

Latest articles & projects

Creating a frontend style guide with Phoenix Components

As we have more pages and new user-interface elements, it was a great time to think about improving our frontend, targeting the reusability of components and code organization. This post explains how we did that with Phoenix Components and the Atomic Design methodology.

Elixir Contexts in Action

Organizing code takes a lot of work. It is easy to make a mess as we build and grow our applications. This post aims to dive into the concept of contexts in Elixir by using real-world examples and understanding how it can help us keep our codebases manageable.

The longer story

The original concept for RFP was to build software products from scratch in a limited time frame. The only requirement was those products should be ready to go live at the end of that period.